Can't access new droplet created from snapshot of another droplet

Posted October 28, 2015 5k views
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I’m new to server management, so please forgive what might be a silly question…

I created a new droplet from a snapshot taken from another droplet which is currently live. Both droplets are the same configuration except that one is on NYC3 and the other on TOR1.

The new droplet does not have a domain name associated with it yet so I am trying to access it in my browser by IP address (

The new droplet can be accessed at this IP address via PuTTY, but if I type the address into my browser, the site won’t load. Actually, it looks like it’s caught in a loop.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Cheers, Arnold

  • did you try using the digitalocean console?

  • I get this response when I try to use the DO console: “Failed to establish a connection to the console. Please reload.”

  • I just reloaded the DO console page and yes, I can now connect this way just like with PuTTY.

    Still no love from my browser though:-(

  • Hi,

    It looks like you’re using Apache - are you seeing anything in /var/log/apache/ or /var/log/apache2/ ? When you browse to the IP, what does the browser show? Is it a blank page? What are you running in addition to Apache?

  • Hi BrookDO,

    I’m running a full CentOS 6.5 LAMP stack with log files in /var/log/httpd. So far I’m not noticing anything strange in the log files (though I’m not 100% sure).

    When I type the IP address into the browser, it appears to find the site but keeps looping before rendering anything in the viewport. When I check the console, only the first GET appears and keeps cycling.

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2 answers

I visited your IP address and it is returning the following output: <script>window.location='/'</script>.
Which is causing the browser to continuously change the location to “/”. The issue might actually be in your website code, I will suggest checking your index file and see if you can see the line above.


Yep, you’re right - it is a problem with the app. The app is throwing a 404 error which causes the script to be sent to the browser. Now all I need to do is figure out why;-)

Cheers, Arnold