Can't access to phpmyadmin

March 17, 2019 752 views
Apache PHP

I have just created new phpmyadmin droplet
But I can’t access to phpmyadmin
I have changed mysql password by running mysqlsecureinstallation command
The MySQL root password and phpMyAdmin admin password are in /root/.digitalocean_password.
also there is no any file for passwords

1 Answer

I have aproblem with phpmyadmin
I can not access it via this link http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
it just asked password and does no thing and there is no error message appear.
tried to remove it and reinstall but there is no change .
when i open it from fire fox browser this message appears
“Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly. Also ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser.”
any help plz!!
Thanks in advance..

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