Can't access to /var/www/ using filezilla

May 13, 2014 4k views
I've just installed wordpress and sftpd on my Ubuntu 12.04. But when I log in with filezilla, there's no www folder, only two empty folders: files and .cache. I'v aleady given my user permission using: chown -R username /var/www/ I'm very new to all of these, can anyone tell me why? Thanks
4 Answers
It sounds like you are just in the home folder for the user. Does it look like this image:

If so, just click on the highlighted folder, and it will expand.
no, it's like this:
It looks to me like you are just in the users home folder. Did you try clicking the folder I highlighted? You need to browse to the root directory, the one labeled with the forward slash: "/"
Holly shit, I chose FTP, not SFTP when I set up the connection in filezilla, shame on me!!
Now it's okay. Andrew, thanks for your help ;)
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