Can't add more than two domains in Vesta CP

December 21, 2017 225 views
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Hello there,
I'm running Vesta on Ubuntu 16.04 and met a strange problem - I added two domains already in Vesta and both works fine with HTTP or HTTPS (Let's Encrypt). But when I try to add a third domain it doesn't works (not available via browser) and what is more strange that all other domains also goes down... When I delete this (third) domain, other domains becomes alive again...
Does anyone met the same troubles? Any ideas?

  • Thats true, if you have VestaCP with multidomains, then you have the risk, is one down, all down, if you change one template on a domain, that goes always wrong. My advise don't use multidomains on Vesta, or if you will set everything on default and never touch it again. If you are going to tweak on one template on a domain and it goes wrong, all your other domains goes wrong to. So there is something not right on the settings you made, did you change a template like Nginx ? did you set it on caching ? or anything else ?

  • Thanks for the answer but the problem has been solved. It was just wrong DNS settings.
    Now I have my template as "default + caching" for all my sites and it works perfectly.

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