Can't Bring Network Up & Running After Pi-hole Configuration

November 16, 2018 557 views
Networking CentOS

On my VPS, I was trying configure OpenVPN + PiHole. During the process I had to restart the networking. Afterwards the networking got broken and locked me out. Now I can only access my Droplet from the console in the Digital Ocean control panel.

Once I'm in, I can see that everything works as expected(Apache, SSH, Gitlab, etc.) but since my networking is down, nothing can be accessed from the outside.

I tracked down the root cause of the problem to broken eth0 settings. I don't believe it's a firewall issue. My IP and Netmask settings were broken. They were falsely changed by Pi-Hole. I tried fixing them but I still get the same error message I got before trying to fix my settings when I execute systemctl status network:

How should I proceed?

1 Answer

The issue is handled after contacting Digital Ocean support staff and them handing me the correct configuration for my eth0.

For anyone trying to configure Pi-Hole or OpenVPN, better back-up your eth0 configuration before hand!

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