Can't change email and no response in ticket

August 2, 2017 2.1k views

Hey guys I wrote a ticket but no response there whole day. Could somebody answer me please?

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Hi @advb66351d8a39fca8556e0682

This is community forum - meaning user-to-user support - so we cannot help you with tickets.
It can take about 24 hours to get response - sometimes a little longer, sometimes less.

What do you mean by “Can’t change email” ? The email of the DigitalOcean account? If yes, then remember to confirm the validation email that you receive.

hansen thanks. Seems like i need to wait terrible time to get any answer.

yes, my email doesn’t change. I press Submit button but nothing happens.

i have no access to old email. that’s why i want to change it.

  • @advb66351d8a39fca8556e0682

    Well, yes, then you have to wait for support. And you might need to provide further validation.
    Did you remember to write that in the ticket? Otherwise Support might just be writing to the old email to get a confirmation.

    PS: Please click the Reply link instead of creating a new answer.

I am also having this issue… No confirmation email is being sent…

I also cannot change my email. The one on file is incorrect. If the validation email goes to that one then I will never be able to access it. Support has not fixed my problem. It has been months and I cannot access my droplets.

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