Can't connect to my DO git repo with git push command.

May 16, 2015 2k views

Hi everyone! Today I findout that my ‘git push remote master’ command from Cloud9 IDE can’t connect to Digital Ocean anymore. SSH access still works fine, 'git push’ to BitBucket - also ok. One week ago everything worked fine and I didn’t chaged anything! Any idea why that culd happened?

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I would suggest removing and re-adding the remote through Cloud9. a git push should just be using your SSH, so if that works, it’s hard to say why it suddenly stopped working.

You can remove the remote with

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin user@droplet.ip:/path/to/repo

The sections marked in red should be changed to whatever you want to call your remote repo origin and the user, droplet ip(or hostname) and the path to the repository. Can you give this a try?

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