Can't Connect to MySQL Server on IPAddress (10061)

January 8, 2015 52.4k views

I have already a sistem loaded on digital ocean using a mysql database and is working perfectly, but the problem is that i can't connect using mysqlworkbench to the database and i getting the error Can't Connect to MySQL Server on IPAddress (10061)

Im new using this services of digital ocean, so i don't know what is wrong on my settings to access the database. (which is actualy working for the system).

I don't know what to configure over the mysqlworkbench to access the database:

1)Shall I use a tcp/ip or tcp/ip / ssh ??

Thanks for your support

1 Answer

By default MySQL will listen for connections only from the local host. To enable remote connections like the one used by mysqlworkbench you will need to modify your /etc/my.cnf and change




or simply comment out the line completely. Once this is done, restart MySQL with the command

service mysql restart

and you should be able to make your connection.

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