Can't connect to remote Postgres DB Using PGAdmin III via SSH Tunnelling

March 27, 2016 5.9k views
PostgreSQL Linux Commands

I am trying to connect remotely to a PostgreSQL DB using PGAdmin III

FYI I am using SSH Keys to connect to my instance, no passwords.

I have setup the SSH tunnel like so:

ssh -L

Then in the postgresql.conf I have modified the listening addresses to: listen_addresses='*'

Just in case, I also added to pg_hba.conf the line :
host all all md5 however I still get the same error so I believe this is useless.

Finally in PGAdmin, I create new connection using
host: localhost
port: 3333 (as per local tunnel option above)
username: myuser
Then on SSH tunnel tab, I have a checkmark on use SSH tunneling
tunnel host:
tunnel post: 5432
username: myuser
identityfile: I point to my local file
and I enter my passphrase.

I get the following error:
SSH error: Error when starting up SSH session with error code -13

I added the -v option to the SSH tunnel creation line and I see "authentication successful" as well as "local forwarding listening on port 3333"

1 Answer

You need to point to your local idrsa file (the private key file).

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