Can't Connect to SFTP with Coda but Can with Cyberduck

July 9, 2016 3.8k views
Ubuntu Apache

I’m on a mac and have no trouble connecting through terminal or cyberduck, but in Coda the sftp login will not work.

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  • Which daemon on your server is listening to the ftp port(s)?

    lsof -i | grep -i ftp
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Make sure your private key is in the .ssh directory below your users’ home directory and use your private key password as the password to login instead of choosing to use a key. If you don’t have one by that name, simply create it:

cd ~ \
&& mkdir .ssh

… and then move a copy of your private key to your new .ssh directory.

For example, if your username on OS X is brandon, then your key should be located at:


That should allow you to login with Coda and/or Transmit.

Okay, I checked for the .ssh directory and it was there. One other thing I noticed, while troubleshooting this last night. The user I gave ftp access to, lets say “userftp” doesn’t work in Coda, but the root user login does. Could that have anything to do with it?

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