Can't connect to VPN server

October 17, 2019 191 views
Ubuntu 18.04

Hello,everyone,there is a problem, I followed all the instructions in this link:

, but I can’t connect, what could be the problem? Error below:

Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in client1.ovpn:37: :proto (2.4.7)
Use –help for more information.

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Hi @lowwro,

The good thing in this case is, that the error is helpful. It seems like you are trying to use an option proto which is actually not a OpenVPN option, so you need to either remove it or make it a comment by making it


The line of the error seems to be 37.


  • Ok,now it’s working,but))help me please else time

    Now is:

    Fri Oct 18 10:50:52 2019 RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: my-server-1:443 ()
    Fri Oct 18 10:50:52 2019 Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol

    MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1571385066,RESOLVE,,,,,,

    What i must do?Write dns on server or what?

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