Can't connect with MySQL workbench

August 28, 2019 87 views

I am trying to connect with Workbench MySQL from my laptop to 1 click droplet with workbench but I cannot get a connection.
I tried both the Droplet IP as well as the floating IP. I am not using (installed) SSH for simplicity. I am using standard TCP and tried as root and other users but no luck.

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I believe that your MySQL port is closed via your firewall so that’s why you are not able to access it remotely.

What you could try doing is allowing your IP address and then try to connect again. You could do that with the following command:

sudo ufw allow from

Then check the status:

 sudo ufw status

Hope that this helps!

Is this a Managed Database on Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean does not have any help regarding connection from workbench to Managed Database. This is very annoying

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