Can't download email using imap or pop3

February 25, 2014 3.6k views
Hi, I followed this tutorial mostly ( to create an email setup. I have postfix, dovecat and sql running smoothly (I think). I can receive emails and read them through postfix/dovecot using the mail command, however, after connecting through pop3 using Outlook 2010 I'm only able to send emails, not receive them (through the client, I still receive them on the postfix server) I can authenticate my email through openssl using command line successfully, however, when I use the command LIST it says I have 0 messages? Please feel free to ask for information, I'm not sure what you require. Thanks, Heinrich.
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That is an excellent tutorial Heinrich. If you have followed it precisely it will work, I know because I have used it in the past. Take a look at Linode's troubleshooting page -
Hi, I got pop working for downloading emails using my client (outlook) but I'm unable to send emails. Whenever I try and send an email I get an email from postmaster saying "Relay access denied". As far as the tutorial says I have to use port 25 for outgoing, however, they also state I should use SSL? I tried port 25, 465, and 587 without any luck.
Try googling that error, one result:
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