Can't Fast-Resize (No Package to resize)

August 16, 2014 7.1k views

I need to resize my Droplets but I'm not see Resize Package I just see like this

Droplets Power Off already

No Package to resize

  • I get this too. Hopefully someone will let us know what is going on soon!

  • Which region did you put your droplet?
    FastResize is limited to the resources available on the physical hypervisor that your server is on. If there are no resources available, no sizes will be listed on the FastResize Page.

  • I have a droplet in singapore and I cannot resize either. can you please help?

  • I am also facing the same issue with the current droplets in Newyork region.

  • It would be ideal if we had a way to subscribe to "fast resize availability" so we get notified when it becomes available.

    This is really a critical feature since there is no other way to scale without losing your IP address.

  • this doesn't make much sense because i'm trying to fast resize to less resources. Seems like fast-resize is just disabled for droplets in SG DC

  • Same on the London server unfortunately, I only signed up about 3 weeks ago but have never seen an option on this tab. I am fine right now but at some point I'll have to scale up.

    Annoying thing about this is that in order to scale up resources I will have to take my sites offline. Can't create a snapshot without powering down the server :(

3 Answers

Unfortunately, the fast resize feature is tied to the amount of available resources on the physical hypervisor, the server that hosts your droplet. If that option is not available, you can still resize your droplet using a snapshot. Check out this tutorial for all the info:

How To Resize Droplets Using Snapshots

by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial covers how to manually migrate droplets between hypervisors by taking a snapshot of the droplet and then spinning it up in a large or smaller size.

what can be done about this? I also get the "There are currently no sizes available for Fast-Resize." in the Fast-Resize Tab..

@asb: It would be nice to have the solution presented directly in Fast-Resize Tab, so that we don't have to google for the solution...

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