Can't generate new subdomain certificate for CDN in Space

August 7, 2019 125 views
CDN Storage Ubuntu 18.04

I'd like to try Space with CDN enabled but I can't generate a new certificate / sub domain. It's giving me an error "The Backend responded with an error".
I'm not sure what's the reason but I think it has something to do with Cloudflare since I'm using it.

Anyone had the same issue or knows how I can fix this?


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I had a similar issue, but when I tried an hour later it went through without any issues, perhaps it was something temporary. Can you confirm if you're still experiencing the issue?

You can give it another try and if you're still getting the error, perhaps raising a support ticket as I had received the exact same error in different sections of the control panel as well and since it's not really tied only to this functionality, I believe DigitalOcean's support team will provide additional information about the error you're getting and why it's actually happening.

Let me know how it goes.


  • Hello Alex,

    I just tried but unfortunately still no luck. I'll try submitting a ticket :) Thanks for the suggestion.


You can disable all plugins once and try again

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