Can't get into GitLab application

June 12, 2018 1k views
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This is my first DigitalOcean Droplet and the first time I'm playing around with cloud providers, so I am probably missing something obvious.

The webpage says: "Please log into your droplet via SSH to configure your Gitlab-CE installation." Whilst I have successfully run the GitLab setup after SSH-ing in. Result:

You can access GitLab via:
    Web URL:  *OMITTED*
    User:     *OMITTED*
    Password: *OMITTED*

For more information about this 1-Click, see:

To enable LetsEncrypt TLS certificates, see:

Happy Coding!

External URL is set to droplet IP.

Am I missing a step?

Thank you!

1 Answer

Decided to destroy the one-click install droplet and just install GitLab on an Ubuntu droplet. Works like a charm now.

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