Can't get permanent links in wordpress to work - 404 error

March 4, 2013 6.5k views
Just transferred my wordpress blog to the new server ubuntu 10.4 with the LEMP setup. But I can't get my permanent links to work, getting 404 error. Already tried the following and nothing seems to work 1. Enabled apache2 for mod_Rewrite 2. Regenerate the .htaccess file in WordPress by going to Settings -> Permalinks -> and clicking to "Save Changes" Database was setup correctly. Able to login to admin and saw all my pages got transferred
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Pastebin your .htaccess file. And you say you "enabled apache2 for mod_rewrite". Did you restart apache?
Hi Jason,

I just figured it out and it is now working. The problem was due to Apache2 AllowOverride Not Enabled. I had to change that to ALL Enabled.

Thanks for the response. Very much appreciated.
Why is there apache on a LEMP install image?
Could be a reverse proxy setup? i.e. NGINX -> Apache - that's actually pretty common, especially if you just need a better way to serve static content and don't want to go through the entire process of setting up NGINX to serve all virtual hosts.
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