can't install Concrete5

Posted August 18, 2016 2.7k views

I just created a droplet (collab-cards), requested the Ubuntu LAMP stack, am trying to install Concrete5. The online help says “So let’s navigate to the Apache web server root directory first: cd /var/www”

Except there is no ‘www’ inside /var.

Someone tells me this means the LAMP stack didn’t get set up. But I can’t see what is or isn’t there, how to add a LAMP stack if it’s not there, can’t tell what I didn’t wrong along the way, and can’t see how to proceed.

No tutorial I can find online tells me what to do here, it’s been 2 hours I’ve been hunting.

Some tips would be really appreciated at this point,
thank you – Alistair

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Hey @totheralistair -

At first I was worried that you were having issues because the tutorial was outdated, but I just tried it myself and it worked, let me walk you through my process:

  1. Spin up a 1GB LAMP One-Click (a DO Droplet with LAMP pre-installed) - here is a link to the droplet page with everything pre-selected, I also recommend adding an SSH Key so that you don’t have to rely on passwords alone to login.
  2. Login to the new droplet - when you login you will see some vital information, including the mysql root password, SAVE THIS FOR LATER.
  3. Confirm that you have LAMP installed - Now you should be taken to the proper directory with: cd /var/www
  4. Copy the latest concrete5 zip to your server wget --trust-server-names -O
  5. Download unzip utility and then unzip the file apt-get install unzip and then unzip
  6. Give it a simpler folder name, then navigate into the folder

    mv concrete5.7.5.9 concrete5
    cd concrete5
  7. Next you will need to enable mod_rewrite - An Apache module that helps with URL rewriting rules

    a2enmod rewrite
  8. Next you will need to allow concrete5 to set URL rewriting rules by changing the apache config - on this oneclick the default file is called 000-default.conf
    Open the file by typing…

    nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf

    Important: Change the line that says DocumentRoot /var/www/html to DocumentRoot /var/www/concrete5. Then, paste this entire block of code before the </virtualserver> closing tag.

    <Directory /var/www/concrete5>
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
        AllowOverride All
        Order allow,deny
        allow from all
  9. Now close and save the file with a ctrl-x and Y, and restart apache with:

    sudo service apache2 restart
  10. Login to mysql to create the database

    mysql -u root -p

    you will be prompted for a password, use the one that was printed out when you first logged in to the droplet. Then create the db with:

    create database concrete5;
  11. Give concrete5 write permissions to the folders it needs to control

    chown -R root:www-data application/files/
    chown -R root:www-data application/config/
    chown -R root:www-data packages/
    chmod -R 775 application/files/
    chmod -R 775 application/config/
    chmod -R 775 packages/

Now, go to your droplet’s IP Address in a browser, (or if you setup DNS use the domain name) it should be running and walking you through the CMS startup process!!!