Can't load website after changing wordpress site URL

April 1, 2016 674 views
LEMP WordPress Ubuntu

Hi, I currently have an issue where if after navigating to my wp-admin page via my IP address after install I change my Site URL to from my IP address to my domain name, the page times out and i'm then unable to access my site via IP address or domain name.

The only way to get back into my wordpress page is to revert to a snapshot, but every time i change the site URL it times out. Once it times out i get ERRCONNECTIONREFUSED when trying to get to the domain name.

I'm running the Ubuntu 14.04 LEMP stack with wordpress installed.


1 Answer

Issue fixed.

Rather than deleting it i thought i'd leave it here and post my simple solution in case anyone else has the same issue!

My A record in my digitalocean DNS settings was set to my old droplet address.. oops!

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