Can't log in ubuntu 14.04.4

February 19, 2018 840 views
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When editing, I did not correctly edit the line in /etc / passwd with the login and was saved. I lost my internet connection with the server. Now I can not enter the server. Can you help me?

1 Answer

If you have made a mistake with user access or your network connection settings you can still get access to your Droplet through the console inside of your control panel.

Here's a tutorial that explains how to do that:

by Justin Ellingwood
In this guide, we'll show you how to use the DigitalOcean console to log in to your Droplet. The console provides "out-of-band" access, which means that it will be available regardless of your network settings. It emulates the access you would have if you were sitting down with a keyboard and monitor attached to the actual server. We can use this feature to log in, revert bad settings, and regain control.
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