Can't login (got disconnected) on a fresh deployed dokku droplet.

March 22, 2017 3.5k views
Dokku Docker Ubuntu 16.04

I did a fresh deploy of a Dokku on Ubuntu 16.04 droplet and when I try to login trough SSH it ask's me to change the password and when I change it I got a disconnect message.

If I try to login again with the new password (I got password error with the old password) the same thing happens. It logs in an disconnect.

I tried by putty, juicessh and by console.

Another thing that happens is that if I try to access my droplet IP I get an NGINX 500 error instead of the dokku configuration page.

I created a new droplet 3 times and the same error occured every time.

Could anyone help me?

2 Answers

Just to make sure. When you login first time you have to:

  1. Input the password you received in the mail (remember that you get a new mail with a new password every time you create a droplet)
  2. Input a new password (you create that)
  3. Input the new password again

I've just seen a few people inputting the wrong password at the wrong time, that's why I ask.

  • Hi friend, I did it. The password was changed. On the second time I try to login, if I put the old password (got by email) it says wrong password, but if I put the new password it logs in and imediatelly disconnects.

    • I just created a Ubuntu Dokku 0.8.0 on 16.04 (located on NYC3).

      It's doing the same to me, but I just get to see this message a micro seconds before it disconnects me.

      Please wait while we get your droplet ready...

      But after a about 10 minutes, it logs me in correctly. Can you confirm?

      • Hi friend, the same as I (including location).

        I also have the same message as you but only the first time I tried to login.

Running into the same Problem

Please wait while we get your droplet ready...
Connection to XX.XXX.XXX.XXX closed.

I am going to wait the 10 Minutes mentioned above and try again, ttys ...

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