Can't login to drop via ssh to root user after root password reset

August 12, 2018 1k views
System Tools Ubuntu 16.04

Hi. using droplet :

I have an issue with the root password of our droplets. still able to login with ssh keys to forge user.

But when i try to switch to root user with new password that i got in email, it still says incorrect password

so to droplet really can't login as the root, only an ordinary user. we can't do any changes that involves root permission.

Can you please advise on how we can retrieve our root password.

1 Answer

Hello friend!

Great question. I believe Laravel Forge disables root password login when their system provisions a droplet. You may try "su" from the forge user. If their provisioning configuration allows, that would elevate you to root (it might ask for a password for the forge user, can be reset with command "passwd"). If that does not work, your only recourse is to use our web console to log in with root password and re-enable password login for the root account by editing /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

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