Can't login to droplet after reset root password

January 29, 2017 7k views
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Hi. I use droplet from DO and now i take that problem:

When I try to connect to my droplet after root password reset I can't login after initial password change:

I enter the password sent by e-mail
I enter new password for root twice
System disconnected without any errors.

When I try to connect again my new password don't work but temporary password for email works fine. And the situation is repeated.

What can you do in this situation? Support ignoring my questions for more than three hours.

2 Answers


I just spun up a new CentOS 7 Droplet, received the root password, and logged in using:

ssh root@IP

Where IP = Droplet Public IP.

After entering in the password once more and changing it at the prompt, I was brought to the normal prompt as expected.

I'm using Terminal on my MacBook Pro, though I also tested this on Windows 10 using PuTTy w/o any issues on my end.

Have you tried simply destroying the current Droplet or recreating it? I know that doesn't help too much, though I can't see any issues popping up when testing on a new droplet.

Because you used simply password, try add a similar password such as the password supplied by the system. I have solved this problem with this method, and after changed successfully, you can change again with new simple password

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