Can't login with the console even after password reset. Actually it has never worked

January 12, 2017 1.6k views
Firewall VPN System Tools Ubuntu 16.04

After I had followed the guide for installing openVPN I tried to log into my webserver and realized it was not connecting so I unwound all of my changes from the document:

and uninstalled openvpn.
Now I cannot connect to my Ubuntu server at all.

Not sure if this made a difference but since part of the install was opening ufw for OPENSSH I denied it...

maybe that's why I cant ssh in... Still I should be able to use the console..But that has never worked for me from DO

1 Answer


If you used an SSH key to setup your Droplet, you won't have a root password, thus won't be able to login through console. If you setup ufw to deny SSH access, you won't be able to access SSH by terminal either, so you would effectively be locked out.

If the Droplet isn't in-use right now, there's not critical data on it, and you're locked out, the best thing to do at this point would be to simply destroy the droplet and instead of actually hitting destroy, look below and simply choose the re-image option by selecting the OS you prefer.

In a few seconds, the VPS will be re-imaged with the OS of your choice and you'll be able to log back

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