Can't reach my website

Posted March 6, 2020 1.4k views

I’m using php/mysql/apache. In php, I have an application made with CodeIgniter. But, can’t reach my website, just got “ERRCONNECTIONREFUSED”
This is the adress ->
Help me please

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Hi @rickfontoura,

At the moment when I open the provided IP address, it says there is an http 500 error. This Error is related to your website, it seems to be experiencing an PHP FATAL Error. There are a few possibilities to troubleshoot this.

The first way to troubleshoot this error is creating a custom PHP error log. Go to your website’s folder

cd /path/to/you/website

If you have an php.ini file there open it, if you don’t create one

nano php.ini

for creating a new php.ini type in

touch php.ini && nano php.ini

In there add the following lines

; log PHP errors to a file 
log_errors = on
error_reporting = 32767
error_log = /path/to/you/website/error_log

Please note to change the /path/to/you/website/errorlog with the actual one. Restart your apache and open your website. You should now have an errorlog file in your website’s directory stating what the error is. From there you can act on.

The next way is a bit easier. Open your index.php file and add to the top right under the <?php tag the following line

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

This should show the error you are experiencing directly in the browser. As soon as you’ve added the above line, save the file and open your website via the browser. You’ll see the error there.

Once you have resolved the error, it’s important to remove the above line.


Hi, @KDSys , thanks for the help.

I tried the steps above, no success. In the error_log, no information. In the browser, nothing too. Just the message: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

Btw, I’ve done the registration of the domain and DNS configuration, and trying to open the site on it, no more with IP adress.

The domain is

Sorry for my poor english, and thanks again!

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  • Hi @rickfontoura,

    It seems you haven’t properly configured your vhost file for the domain to work.

    Can you confirm which WebService you are using so that I can assist you?

    You can check that with the following command

    nestat -tulpen | grep 80

    And let me know what is the outcome.

could someone help me please?

now I got this error:

  • Did you manage to find the root of the issue?

    It does seems like you had issues with your WebService, did you manage to confirm this?