Can't select 8 Dedicated vCPU High CPU Droplet during creation

August 21, 2017 2.3k views
DigitalOcean Getting Started Scaling Ubuntu

Hi all,

I need to create a High CPU droplet with 8 dedicated vCPU in order to deploy a CPU intensive API backend server, however the only size that appears during the creation wizard is the smallest one (2 CPU).

Have you already experienced something like that? Am I missing something? Is there something I have to do in order to enable bigger sizes?
I've already tried to select different datacenters but nothing changes.

I need to deploy this server by tomorrow.


1 Answer

If you are a new account, you will need to open a support ticket requesting they increase your limits. I know this answer is WAY past your 1-day turn-around, but figured I'd at least give you closure.

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