Can't select datacenter when creating region, page seems broken

November 24, 2019 102 views

Hi, I’m a new user.

I’m trying to create a managed Kubernetes cluster. I’m at the page

It says, “Choose a data center region”. I attempt to click on “Frankfurt (1). Nothing happens.

Also, I cannot select kubernetes version, the drop down menu doesn’t work.

Also, below it says "Choose cluster capacity”, and some text, but nowhere to actual select any cluster capacity.

So the page appears broken to me.

I get same behavior on both Chrome 78.0.3904.108 and Firefox.

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I’ve just tested this and it seems to work as expected. What I could suggest is enabling JavaScript for your browser and testing this again, also try opening your Chrome Console and check for any errors there, this sounds like that your browser is blocking some of the resources.

Let me know how it goes!

I don’t have Javascript disabled. On chrome I have some adblockers, which I tried to turn off, but with same result. But my Firefox doesn’t have any extensions.

I have now tested this on Edge as well, which I don’t have any extensions. Still the same result.

Are we on the same page? See screenshot:

Chrome console gives me this error:

GET 403"

The response of that request is:

"{"error":"trial","messages":{"base":["Please contact support to complete this action."]}}"

Edge also gives me the same error, but also:

Raven about to send: [object Object]

Raven transport failed to send:  Error: Sentry error code: network unavailable
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