can't send emails

June 29, 2018 838 views
Email Debian Ubuntu 16.04

Hello Good night it’s been 3 days that i can’t send email… I had a droplet with vestacp, all was working fine until 3 days ago, i thought that was a problem with droplet so yesterday i backed up, destroyed and created another but the error continues… One of my clientes use a lot the e-mail, so i created another droplet, only for this cliente. Configured Vesta, but the error still continues on this new droplet…

Looking the exim’s log in both droplets, i got “Connection timed out” and “R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out”.

In both droplets i receive emails inside and outside of the droplet, i can send emails to domain that is hosted on the droplet, but i can’t when is outside.

please help me

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