Can't send emails: IP blocked by Spamhaus

November 29, 2013 4.8k views
Some of my emails are blocked because my IP is blacklisted by Spamhaus. The reason is: IP Address 198.x.x.x is listed in the CBL. It appears to be infected with a spam sending trojan, proxy or some other form of botnet. This IP is infected (or NATting for a computer that is infected) with a spambot we have not yet been able to identify. How can I found where the problem is? What logs can I check? I'm using zpanel.
3 Answers
Check out I'm listed, what do I do? | CBL.

You should also create an SPF record for your domain.
Set up an iptables rule to redirect mail on the box to a local Postfix
instance, and then set up Postfix to relay though MailChannels Cloud.
Then use the MailChannels Cloud console to search through the outbound
mail traffic and identify the spam and where it's coming from on the
hey i have the problem too!
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