Can't SSH into any new London/Frankfurt droplets and support haven't answered in over 24 hours.

October 21, 2017 1k views
Deployment Ubuntu


So I’ve created many droplets with Digital Ocean in the past, and accessed them fine via SSH. However, recently, I’ve created several droplets within the London/Frankfurt location and cannot seem to ssh into any of them. I don’t quite understand why as this has never been an issue before. This is for Ubuntu 17.10.

So, i contacted their support and there has been no reply - even 24 hours later.

Is anyone else having this issue?


3 Answers

No, I’m not having this issue.

I get the same issue with NYC. If I create a new droplet, I can’t SSH.

I used the console and saw it wasn’t creating SSH host keys. I fixed that, but I ran into far too many other issues and had to scrap the droplet. This was a week ago. I tried a few minutes ago and the droplet still won’t SSH in.

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