Can't ssh into my droplet, even after rebooting and recreating

June 18, 2016 2.3k views
Ubuntu DigitalOcean System Tools

I can access my droplet from the web console, but not through SSH at its IP address, the connection times out. It’s a brand-new droplet, I’ve never connected successfully. I have done no setup whatsoever.

This issue isn’t resolved after power cycling, or even after destroying it and making a new one!

I’m just trying to ssh using ssh root@<droplet's ip address>, but it won’t connect!

Fwiw, I can’t ping it either. I have a droplet on a separate account that I can ssh into, but not this one!

1 Answer

This appears to have been a temporary issue. I resolved this by creating a new droplet in a different region (NYC1 instead of NYC3)

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