Can't ssh or ping new droplet but have console access

September 23, 2014 5.7k views

I created a new droplet (Centos 6.5) earlier today and I can access the server via Console Access but I can not ping or ssh the server from my local machine.

The IP Address is

Any ideas? Thanks.

3 Answers

After power cycling I tried destroying the droplet and created a new one. The new one works fine.

  • Could have been a firewall issue? Without knowing more of the details we would be stabbing in the dark really! Firewall’s are always key things to check in situations like that.

  • It was a fresh instance so I don’t think it was a firewall issue. I had a buddy try to ping from his house and he couldn’t reach it either. Whatever the problem it was destroying and remaking the instance worked even with the same IP.

I have the same problem, just happened today, my ip is, its strange

Happening with me also

This is the first time i tried digitalocean and i am thinking to go back to amazon.

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