Can't ssh to a new droplet!

Posted October 17, 2021 165 views
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I created a new droplet (A Ghost droplet), set up a new ssh key on my laptop, added the key to DO and set it as in use for this droplet prior to creation.

Can’t ssh in. Permission denied, no matter what I tweak in .ssh/config or on the command line. Trying to ssh as root@<myIP>.

So - reset the password, got the password via mail, went to recovery terminal and still couldn’t log in with user:root, pw: the one I got mailed.

What’s going on here? I’m about 10 minutes from heading over to linode tbh. As I recall DO was really smooth when I was trying it out previously. This is just a pain though.

(All permissions are OK btw … .ssh dir = 700, files in there = 600)

BTW, if it’s relevant, I’ve not associated this with a domain yet as I’m migrating a blog from the platform, so want the new one up and running first before I repoint the domain!

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Hi @mjnicholson,

You should be able to login without associating any domain to your Droplet.

Now, it’s very strange. Let’s assume you’ve made a mistake while copieing the SSH key prior to the Droplet creation. This still doesn’t explain why you can’t login using the Recovery Console. When you got the e-mail about the new password and you switched to the Console how did you type all of that stuff and what error did you get?

I mean, in the Recovery Console, you need to enter the root user first, hit enter and then add your password.

  • Yep. root user and password copy/pasted from the mail (double checked to make sure I hadn’t pasted an extra space at the end or anything as well).

    Pretty sure I haven’t made a mistake with the key either. Done this multiple times now and regenerated the key, re copy/pasted at least 3 times.

    • Hi @mjnicholson,

      Let’s focus first on the recovery console, I know it’s tedious, but can you try and manually type in the password, sometimes copying in the Recover console might be tricky?