Can't stop an app running on port 3000 (Droplet)? EADDRINUSE : : : 3000

November 10, 2016 2.9k views

I had an app running on port 3000 but deleted it. Now I try to kill that port with kill -9 but it doesn’t help. I am trying now to run another app on that port but it gives EADDRINUSE : : : 3000.

1 Answer

Just to note something.

Make sure that you use process ID, not a port.
For example if you run kill -9 3000, it’ll kill process with ID 3000, not an app running on that port.
Execute following command:

  • sudo netstat -lpn | grep :3000

It should return app with its ID. Use kill command on it

  • sudo kill -9 id

`-9 means that process will be forced killed.

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