Can't transfer files through WinSCP

August 29, 2014 4.4k views

I just set up my server, created a new user, and blocked login access to the root user. I’m now trying to transfer my files (through WinSCP SFTP) to my server using the new user, but it says “permission denied” when I try to transfer the files.

How do I give permissions to the new user in specific directories so that I can transfer my files?

1 Answer

Make use of “chown” command. (You need to be root or have access to sudo)

chown owner-user:owner-group directory

The “owner-group” can be anything at all, even if it doesn’t exist.
You probably need to change the whole home folder for that user, eg.

sudo chown -R bob:bob /home/bob

-R will run recursively through all the sub-folders.

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