Can we have some feature in the digitalocean spaces where we can see the file size of whole items inside a folder

December 25, 2017 1.5k views
Data Analysis

Space_name > Folder1 > Folder1a 10Mb 4Items

Name Size Last Modified More

file1.mp4 5mb 2 months ago
file2.mp4 1mb 2 months ago
file3.mp4 3mb 2 months ago
file4.mp4 1mb 2 months ago

1 Answer

As far as I know there's no such a feature in DigitalOcean's Web UI.
However, you can use tools such as s3cmd. For example, the following command will output you list of all files in the bucket along with human-readable sizes and created times:

s3cmd ls --recursive -H s3://spacename/dirname
s3cmd output
2017-12-25 21:16 5.0M s3://spacename/dirname/test0.txt 2017-12-25 21:17 5.0M s3://spacename/dirname/test1.txt 2017-12-25 21:18 5.0M s3://spacename/dirname/test2.txt

You can checkout out How To Configure s3cmd 2.x To Manage DigitalOcean Spaces and How to Manage DigitalOcean Spaces with s3cmd tutorials if you want to learn how to install and use s3cmd.

If you want to see such a feature in the Web UI make sure to leave your feedback on DigitalOcean's UserVoice Page.

by Melissa Anderson
s3cmd is a popular cross-platform command-line tool for managing S3 and S3-compatible object stores. This guide provides a quick reference to commands that are useful for managing DigitalOcean Spaces.
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