Can we purchase Yearly Plans

September 18, 2014 9k views

Fairly new to Digital Ocean, love their pricing vs Amazon AWS!

I’d like to ask if it’s possible to bulk buy in advance? Eg 2-3 YRS upfront.

Have you guys got plans to stick around for the next 5 years? IF so i think you could make a lot of upfront capital if you offered yearly plans.

  • @asb Following up on this topic, what if I’d like to pay in advance from a university grant account, will your recommendations still hold? Thanks!


  • @seanma There hasn’t been any change on this. We still do not currently offer yearly plans, but you may put credit on your account in advance using PayPal if that is an option of your institution.

  • Thanks @asb ! What if we don’t have a paypal accounts and but have purchase orders. Will that work?

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Right now, we don’t offer yearly plans though it’s definitely something we’re considering. We use UserVoice to track feature requests and gauge user demand. You can add your vote to the open request there and subscribe to get updates on it.

If PayPal is an option for you, one thing we do offer right now is the ability to pay in advance by adding credit to your account using PayPal.

Thanks for the feedback!

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