can you explain what this startup might have been doing with 5 boxes

June 21, 2013 2.2k views
In this article posted by DO on Twitter, a startup explained how it uses Digital Ocean in general terms. It talks about setting up 5 different boxes ($5 per month each) and one $20 box per month for redis. Just curious 1) In what types of situations would you set up multiple smaller boxes (5 at $5 per month) rather than combining them into one bigger box? 2) why set up Redis on one big box? Can Redis be installed and used on the same box as an application? I've installed Redis and Memcache on one $5 box with nginx and unicorn server to host a Rails application. I'm not sure if I'm putting too much stuff on one droplet. Any comment?
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1) Redundancy or to give you closer locations, you could host a server in Europe, US East and US west and have a load balancer to direct your users to the best one. Also more CPUs, if you have a lot of parallel processing going on, you could have 2 database servers, 2 web servers and your redis server acting as a session/user cache maybe?

2) Dunno.
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