Can you make a Parse server droplet?

February 7, 2016 2.1k views
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Parse is being retired in 2017 - And Azure, Amazon, Google already have a migration button on parse's migration WIKI -

I know there is a DigitalOCean tutorial on migration, here
but if a user gets stuck in the middle of it (As I am @ the curl part) - well they might just migrate entirely to Amazon or Google Apps - Can you please make a Droplet for the parse server - then me and 600.000 other developers would be happy :-)

  • I think you can still post and track your request at forum for DO

  • How do you mean you are stuck at the curl part?
    Please explain properly so we might be able to support you.

  • Same. I got stuck at step 2, as did this commenter in the tutorial. I removed the mongoDB and started over but got the same results. Maybe it's for the best, and AWS will be a more reliable overall.

    Parse is a Mobile Backend as a Service platform which is shutting down in January of 2017; fortunately, Parse has released an open source API called Parse Server. Parse Server is under active development, and seems likely to attract a large developer community. It can be be deployed to a range of environments running Node.js and MongoDB. This guide focuses on migrating a pre-existing Parse application to a standalone instance of Parse Server running on Ubuntu 14.04.
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Hi, do you guys have any updates on providing a one-click solution for Parse Server?

Would be awesome!

It is something we are looking at. With the news of the Parse service closing we have been doing our best here to make the process of migrating as easy as possible. We haven't announced any new one-click images at this time but we are looking into that. In the meantime, this tutorial will walk you through setting up Parse Server on a droplet.

Parse is a Mobile Backend as a Service platform. In January of 2016, Parse announced that its hosted services would shut down within a year. In order to help its users transition away from the service, Parse has released an open source version of its backend, called Parse Server. This guide supplements the official documentation with instructions for installing the Parse Server module on an Ubuntu 14.04 system, such as a DigitalOcean Droplet.
  • We haven't announced any new one-click images at this time but we are looking into that.

    Good to hear that. Shall i wait for one click images to come. (If its in the process... Then we parse users will be happy)

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