Cancelation of droplet activities

June 25, 2013 1.5k views
When ever you create a droplet, enable console access etc... sometimes it's useful to cancel that operation as access to that droplet's controls are removed... For instance... I'm currently trying to spin up a droplet in New York... it's frozen on 57secs. It would be wonderful if I could cancel that operation. Another time: Couldn't access a droplet due to recent IP connectivity issues in San Francisco... during troubleshooting, enabled console access which ultimately froze. This disabled access to power down the droplet so I could then snapshot and transfer to New York during the outage. I find these issues fundamentally limiting. Every action, if possible, should have control to cancel, revert, ignore, whatever...
1 Answer
Canceling events isn't possible yet.

For now, you'll have to open up a support ticket.
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