canceled domain still aking for payment

November 7, 2018 679 views
CentOS Ansible

first of all
I super regret to be part of digitalOcean

what is this tag thing i dont understand what you are trying to do by all these strange wow

the worst customer service ever
you made everything “automated” but it does not work like that with the customers

I receive continues emails about a payment, whcih a domain I already cancel and send email that i dont wanna continue

I will pay NOTHING because I dont use the page or nl I even forget is NOT used

2 Answers

DO isnt selling domains so no point writing this here.

Hey friend!

I’m sorry to hear that our service is causing frustration for you. This will help you to understand tags:

As for domains, we do not sell domains but it may be that you host a domain’s content with us. Cancelling a domain at the place that you purchased it would not get rid of your hosting, as there is no connection between the two except that connection which you create by hand. If you still have a droplet on your account with us for a domain that you no longer need, you can destroy that droplet in our control panel to halt further billing. This can help with that:


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