cann't connect droplets(Ubantu) with ssh(putty) on windows

January 21, 2019 328 views
DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls VPN Ubuntu 16.04

I have generate the ssh with putty and upload it to my account, but I cannot connect my droplets still.I set as the same as the guide(|ka21N000000Cp7TQAS), but it will apear error message like:
Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available(sever sent:publickey)

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jarland MOD January 22, 2019
Accepted Answer

Hey friend,

It sounds like password login is disabled, and this droplet uses SSH keys. It also sounds like PuTTY may not be using your private key, thus resulting in a situation in which the server offers no connection method that PuTTY can use to make the connection.

You can either use the web console to edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and allow password login, or make sure to feed PuTTY the private key that is a matching pair with the public key added to your droplet.

To create a droplet that accepts password login by default, make sure not to select an SSH key on the droplet create page.


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