Cannot Access IP:7080 Web Panel after installing One Click App Wordpress LiteSpeed

March 3, 2019 1.3k views
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Nothing about it works. Does this need vhost files set up?
There is zero documentation from the Digital Ocean side of things. Especially on how to successfully point a domain at it.

Please, please offer documentation that has actually been battle tested by Digital Ocean QA.

This is alarming.

I have zero guidance on how to actually use this LiteSpeed web server correctly with my domains.

Yes, it works out of the box when you go straight to the IP address, but to actually use it - that's when things start getting frustrating.

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So far this documentation has been helping me.

Why doesn't your One Click app not open ports 7080 by default?


When you logged in via SSH, you should have seen a link to the docs. Here is that link again:

If the docs are not addressing a problem you are having, please let us know so that we may update them.

Lisa @ LiteSpeed

  • I've the same problem.

    This guide implies that you are able to login to litespeed's web panel, but it's not avaiable, even after I enabled port 7080 (which wasn't opened by default).
    Even while opened, the web panel isn't available.

    This is definitely NOT a one click setup

    • Hi,

      Please try command

      netstat -lnp | grep 7080

      to check if OLS is binding on 7080 port , if so , then run

      curl -I -XGET https://YOUR_IP:7080 

      to see if you can curl it , if curl works but you can't access it , that means something is blocking it , like your firewall.

      If you are certain firewall is opened , do you see any error message?

      Best regards,

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