Cannot access to droplet, only web console

February 28, 2018 969 views
Networking DNS DigitalOcean Firewall

My website was running fine just about an hour ago. Suddenly it went down and I cannot access, cannot ping to it.
My only access in web console. But there too, any network related stuff is not working, cannot ping, it says:

ping: unknown host

I'm not using Firewall. Everything was working fine, I did not update anything on server recently.

Any help?

1 Answer

We can't see it from here without lot more info. Else you'll have to write to support instead.

  • I created support ticket but response yet.

    What extra info I can provide to you?

    • Give them time, it can take some time before they respond as they have other things to do as well and not only sitting here for you.

      Well, data about your networking.

  • Never mind, everything is back up again.

    Strange thing, how and why does this happen? Before submitting question here, I search and found this question but no solid answer or understanding why this happens.

    • How should we know? We don't have access to their data and logging, so that's a question you need to ask in support.

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