Cannot add A Record to Using Digital Ocean DNS

May 17, 2018 1.4k views
DNS Networking

I am not been able to add an A Record to my domain managed by DNS. It has worked in the past through DigitalOcean where I add a hostname and an external IP so the URL directs to that IP; however, today when I try to fill it out and submit a new A Record I get the error that “Data can’t be blank” and “IP address did not match the IPv4 format (eg.” I am sure that I am entering in a hostname and providing the IP address in the correct format. Is there an issue with DigitalOcean’s web gui? Is there another way for me to add the A record?

2 Answers

This issue should be resolved soon. In the meantime here is some more information:

The issue is limited to A and AAAA records. If you need to set one right now you can either:

1) Use Firefox, Safari, or the API
2) Use the dropdown instead of manually inputting the target IP

The second method will only work for resources already in your account.

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