Cannot connect managed Redis via redli - no such host

October 24, 2019 136 views
DigitalOcean Managed Redis

I’ve tried to create multiple managed redis databases in multiple regions. All have the same issue.

I’m using redli, the recommended CLI for redis.

Whenever I try the connection string as provided in “Connection details - flags”, I keep seeing the following error

2019/10/24 15:17:15 Dial dial tcp: lookup no such host

If do nslookup to the database host, it always returns no records. In fact if I do nslookup, it returns


Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find No answer

Any ideas? Seems like for some reason I can’t get any DNS records connecting the DB host to the server.

2 Answers

It has magically started working now

I have just created a managed MySQL cluster and have the same problem. DNS is not working for both public and private db hostnames.

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