Cannot enter Promo Code

July 23, 2013 15.6k views
I love your VPSs, I joined last week and I paid with Paypal and I have to say that it is the best vps I ve ever tried, so congratulations. One question, How do I apply the SSDCHP20(From Facebook) coupon to my account? I cannot see any option in "Billings". Is it true that you can only add it once you create your account, that you cannot apply a promocode later on? I am sorry for bothering you with this question but I am still a student and well, I am trying to save. (I am really happy with your prices.) Thanks for your time, best regards, Santiago
2 Answers
Promo codes are currently disabled. The support staff recommends that you open a ticket in a week or two to have your promo code manually processed.

I just searched about that and found from getspool digitalocean page that, promo code might be disabled if you are recurring customer. Some deals are only for new customers.

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