Cannot log in, no email being sent to the email on the account

April 16, 2018 740 views

Hello can someone help me I cannot log into my account, no one is answering tickets - email not being sent.

  • Is there any option to escalate the ticket?

  • Got a response from Jason, email was blacklisted, they removed it from black list and now I am in. Thank you All!! This has been one heck of a Monday.

2 Answers

If you are not receiving the emails sent from our login system and you also are not seeing any autoresponse email from opening your ticket we should assume that emails from our system are not reaching you.

Please use an alternate email account to email Our team can check the most recent email attempts and if our system has imposed a block on outgoing emails (this can happen if emails are bouncing) our team can remove the lock.

  • Droplet that had the email server is down, so I moved the email server to another one but before I could add the user the emails got bounced. Can you please take a look in ticket 1487723 and remove the block.

  • Could you also please advise on how long will the lock will last or does it have to be manually purged?

please tell us if you use email account from microsoft (like @outlook, @live or @hotmail, @msn)
if yes, than the issue is that microsoft mailservers dont like any other mailserver except themsself.

So look in the spam folder, if you have luck than the mails will be there stored.

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