Cannot Login after using DUPLICATOR PLUGIN for migration of wordpress

December 28, 2016 379 views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

i just moved my site from hostgator to digital ocean. After installing the site using duplicator plugin, everything went well except for two things:

  1. I’m not able to login my wordpress.

2 since the permalinks have not been updated as i'm not able to login using my credentials used earlier, the website is showing just the theme and no links.

What has went wrong and how can it be corrected?

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Can you clarify how you started out? Did you use the DO WordPress one-click image, the LAMP image or did you start from scratch. If you can walk us through the steps you took to get to this point we'll likely be able to help you get this resolved.

If you need to reset the "admin" user's password in WordPress this can be done from the command line directly in MySQL.

update wp_users set user_pass = MD5("newpassword") where user_login = "admin";

If you have a different database prefix (wp_) or admin username you'll need to adjust accordingly.

  • Hey Ryanpq,

    thanks for the reply!

    I had started by using DUPLICATOR plugin for wordpress in my hostgator account and made the copy and installer file. Then after uploading it on the server, i started the installation process.

    There was an error after the installation using the duplicator plugin where the databses where not being copied over the databases in mysql.

    After a lot of hit and trials i figured it out by this link

    Disbling strict mode in mysql, and again installing the wordpress using the duplicator installer file, re-wrote on the tables created in the database and it worked.

    I'm not a developer actually (apart from minor HTML skills learnt 15 years back in school), just a new blogger who shifted from hostgator to Digitalocean! But i'm learning a lot of new things here!

    Thanks once again Ryan for your reply!

Thank you so much @sid431 I was running in to the same problem, Duplicator would install all of the files but come back with hundreds of sql errors. I checked the database and it wasn't all there, there were no user records, etc., so I knew the database wasn't being copied even though the Duplicator connection test was working perfectly.

The Duplicator plugin should check for strict SQL mode and report back that it might cause an issue.

Thanks again!

  • Great to hear that man ! I wasted almost a day figuring that out actually last week! I'm glad it helped you as well! All the best mate!

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