Cannot login using putty or rdp

April 30, 2017 1.5k views
Ubuntu VPN

heey !

i m using ubuntu 14.04 distribution .
i installed HMA (hide my ass vpn ) :[](http://) .
in my local ubuntu (installed on vmware machine) . i connect to the hma vpn using commad :

./ -p tcp -i info "country" 

and it works perfectly . it requires to install openvpn and fping
when my hma was connecting to the country server i got disconencted from the ssh connection and i cannot connect now , and i believe its because the ip changed .
and i don’t want to shutdown the droplet in my account settings cause i don’t want any data to corrupt is there any solution to fix this and to use the hma vpn without me getting disconnected ?

1 Answer

Hi @albertogurri
I don’t know HMA, but you can access your droplet through console via the control panel on DigitalOcean.
You droplet doesn’t change public IP, but maybe something keeps the connection alive and it only allows one connection - that might be why you’re blocked.

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